HAidas docsanita

2003 black Mare

5  Panel N/N

15 hh 


Haidas is a smart mare who is our lead mare out in the field. Her Coat Color results are Ee, a, N/Cr; She does carry one copy of the cream gene making her a smokey black. Haidas had a grullo filly this year.

  • 2016 RUUD JAZ POCO MERLE ~ Grullo colt

  • 2015 RUUD JAZ POCO Athena ~black filly

  • 2013 RUUD ZORRO WAR DOC ~ Black colt

  • 2010 RUUD MZ BLAZINHAIDA  ~ Buckskin filly

  • 2009 RUUD PEPPY JAMES ~ Palomino colt

Haidalenas War DocHaidalena Haidas Little Pep
Lena's Sis
War Doc Mitzi
War Doc Leo
Mitzi Black
Docsanita PocoPoco Nucents TabPoco Tab
Super D Day King
Ms Dry Doc Perry SanPerry San
Dry Doc Pocoleasa
Lady Bucks Poco TenLeo Tolos Poco Ten Leo Tolo
Poco Ten's Jeannie
Lady Buck Cody
Heart Bar Cody
Lady Buck 1St
Docs Dee Bar TripleDoctor BurkeDoc's Dee Bar
Tammy King
Double Dee Bar DocDoc Bee Good
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Jaz Gc SandovalPocos Gray Comet Poco Blunder
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Jaz Steeldust N SilkLittle Steel Dust
Maeve Oh Brail
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NickylitaSmart Little Twister
Ima Black Poco RebelPoco Eagle FeatherEagle's Hand
Dream Fancy Chick
Cause Ima Rebella
Country Cherokee
Shilo Cowgirl
Firefox PollyRedfords FirefoxKeep The Fire
Alana Sue
Sunny BelvidereSunny Benjie
Belvidere Blue
Dry Fork RoanMr Roan Hancock Salty Roan
Gila Jo Hancock
Dry Fork Belle
Hanabar Red
Bonnie Hayes
Dry Fork StarLowry StarLowry Hancock Jr
Pretty Mandy
Trigs EasyMr Race Runner
Easy Change

ruud jaz poco lena

2007 Grulla Mare

5  Panel N/N

15.1 hh 


Nelly is a smart and beautiful mare .Nelly's Color Coat results are EE aa N/Cr .

  • 2017 RUUD JAZ POCO DIL~ Gulla colt

  • 2016 RUUD JAZ POCO JOELENE ~ Black filly 

  • 2015 RUUD JAZ POCO JAZMINE~  Grullo filly

Dry Star Blue

2005 Blue Roan Mare

5  Panel N/N

15 hh 


Dry Star is an exceptional mare with a great disposition and excellent movement.. Her color coat result is EE, Aa. Dry Star is open this year. 

Dry Star's past foal were:

  • 2017 ~ Blue roan colt

  • 2015 RUUD JAZ POCO TWI ~Blue roan filly

  • 2014 RUUD JAZ POCO MAGNUM ~ Blue roan colt

  • 2013 RUUD BONNIE EASTER ~ Grulla roan filly

LLE Polly

2006 Grulla Mare

5  Panel N/N

15.2 hh 


Liily is super quiet and athletic mare who is also a great trail horse.Lilly's Color Coat results are Ee aa. 

  • 2017 RUUD JAZ POCO LOTUS ~ Grullo filly

  • 2016 RUUD JAZ POCO WAYLON~ Grullo Colt

  • 2015 RUUD JAZ POCO TEAGAN~  Grulla filly

  • 2013 RUUD DRIFTIN SABRA ~ Black filly

Lady bucks dee bar

2004 dun Mare

5  Panel N/N

14.2 hh 


Lady Bug is a well minded trail mare with very smooth gaits. When she's not in foal, she is one of our go to trail mount. Her Coat Color results are Ee, Aa. 

  • 2017~ Dun Filly

  • 2016 RUUD JAZ POCO NELSON ~ Bay colt

  • 2015 RUUD JAZ POCO REM~  Grullo colt

  • 2013 RUUD BUCK BAR ~ Dun colt

  • 2010 RUUD KING OF BLUES~ Black colt